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Khyam Compact Tent Khyam Compact Tent
Khyam Compact Tent has enhanced the Compact by adding angled pole ferrules on the roof and wall sections, giving more upright walls and a flatter roof, allowing extended headroom. An internal base pole is permanently sewn inside a reinforced sleeve to increase the footroom on the sloping side 

Khyam Sherpa Tent Khyam Sherpa Tent
The Khyam Sherpa is a hardy perenial that just keeps getting better and better. The simple three-pole tunnel construction belies the features and facilities in this tent from three canopy doors to side multi-purpose window to the porch window.  

Khyam Nomad Tent Khyam Nomad Tent
The Khyam Nomad is a truly versatile tent with a detachable bedroom section This allows the tent to be used as a 2 berth with a generous porch or a four berth with a central living area.  

Khyam Winnipeg Tent Khyam Winnipeg Tent
The Khyam Winnipeg Tent is a 4 berth Vis-Ã -vis style tent with two by 2 berth inner tents. Perfect for those quick stops. Features include a fully sewn-in groundsheet, low level bedroom windows, with matching internal zipped privacy windows. It also features zipped guy point tidys 

Khyam Vancouver Tent Khyam Vancouver Tent
The Khyam Vancouver is a highly adaptable tent that offers you the choice of having a two berth bedroom in the extended porch and large living area or removing the two berth bedroom and having a very large living area. The Vancouver also features the new low le  

Khyam Ontario Tent Khyam Ontario Tent
Tunnel tents give a huge amount of space for a minimum of effort but with Khyam Ontario 6 or 8 berth tents there is no loss of useability.
Each tent has three bedrooms so you can trade off berths against living or storage space by simply removing a bedroom.  

Khyam Ranger Tent Khyam Ranger Tent
The Khyam Ranger is our entry level Flexi-Dome, using our unique Rapidex pole system. Perfect for touring, weekend camping and festivals. Also a perfect "Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme" tent. 

Khyam Biker Tent Khyam Biker Tent
The Khyam Biker has been designed to be just the right size for the back of a motorbike and by using the Rapidex pole system means that it will pitch in minutes. The extended porch also ensures that there is plenty of extra space for anything from rucksacks to helmets  

Khyam Highlander Tent Khyam Highlander Tent
Another of our tents benefiting from the unique Rapidex pole system. The Khyam Highlander Tent has a generous porch giving more usable space. Ideal for festivals, auto-touring or just those occasions when you need a reliable tent that is ready in seconds.  

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